v0.4.0 Released

Onyx Framework v0.4.0 released! The latest release brings Crystal 0.28 support, brand new server testing API, fresh EDA update and better modularity. Many bugs were fixed and some were added.

Distributed websocket chat in 40 lines of code

In this article you will find out how to easily create a distributed websocket chat application with Crystal and Onyx Framework.

Creating JSON APIs with Onyx. Part 2 — CRUD

In the second part of the tutorial we are going to create CRUD endpoints for our Todo list JSON API. You should have the code from the first part available. You can also clone it from GitHub.

Creating JSON APIs with Onyx. Part 1 — The First Endpoint

In this series of tutorials, we will show you how to build a simple JSON API for a Todo items list with Crystal programming language and Onyx Framework.

Why Crystal

Crystal is awesome language, but why would you want to start using it right now?